Best Tool for the Real Estate Agent

Rendin helps real estate agents sign deals a lot faster. Making use of our background-checked tenants and digital agreements helps agents save a whole week of time every month.

Make your life easier

We have created a number of free digital tools for the agent. In addition to that you can provide additional value for your clients

Digital agreements

Our completely digital agreements help you save time and effort. They're safe and require no additional action from you.

Better tenants

We have a great supply of background checked tenants. You can also ask us to make background checks for your own tenants, too!

Increased security for clients

Make your clients happier by providing them with great tenants faster while also offering extra protection.

I can not think of any reason why agents, landlords or tenants shouldn't use Rendin. It is so clearly beneficial for all the parties.
Algis Liblik, 1Estate Real Estate
Rendin is very useful in many ways. On the one hand you can save time and energy, at the same time you can also offer great additional value for your clients.
Gerli Asmer, Uus Maa Real Estate

With Rendin you save time and money

Regular agreement
Access to background checked tenants
Digital rental agreement
Digital handover act
Additional protection for clients
Service fee Free Free

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