Minimize risk with 
tenant verification

Reduce rental uncertainty by screening candidates. Only people who have successfully passed an automatic background check can sign a rental agreement at Rendin.

Make informed rental decisions

Our automatic background check identifies the most reliable candidates and simplifies the choice for the landlord. This way you can save your time by contacting only reliable candidates.

Mitigate rental risks

We identify reliable candidates with an automatic background check to determine if the tenant has no payment defaults or active payday loans.

Reliable and time-saving

Rendin helps you in cases that are outside the scope of home insurance. We protect you if the tenant damages the furniture, appliances or interior decoration on your rental property.

Support and advice

Our customer support is always there for you! If your candidate did not pass the background check or you need more information, reach out to us.

Reduce the risk of rental problems

Our platform filters out potentially problematic tenants to significantly reduce the chances of rental issues and financial losses.

Effective, fast and simple screening

Rendin's automated background checks are quick and convenient. The tenant simply needs to apply for a rental, provide their personal information, and our platform will automatically check their background.

  • Fast, automatic tenant candidate background checks

Elevate your security

Want to increase your peace of mind? From our team, you'll receive advice on how to conduct additional background checks on tenant candidates independently. This, combined with our payment default check, helps ensure that you find a reliable tenant.

  • Your financial security and peace of mind is our priority

Trusted by thousands of landlords

Numbers don’t lie. Rendin protection for rental agreements is the ultimate way to ensure security and peace of mind when letting your property.

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safe rental platform on the market
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landlords have already joined Rendin
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background-checked tenants

Simple pricing, fixed monthly fee. No hidden costs.

Rendin replaces the deposit with a small fee that is paid by either the landlord or tenant.
For that, you will have property protection 10x bigger than a deposit and much more!

Rental protection. Supercharged.

When you’re a landlord, knowing that your property and income are safe is a blessing. We offer protection and coverage that regular deposits can’t match to give you the peace of mind you require.

Protection & coverage

Replace inefficient deposits with a proven solution that gives you security that’s 10 times better.

Legal protection

Need legal advice in solving problems? Rendin users get it for free!

Tenant verification

We verify tenants’ credibility by
performing an automatic payment default check.

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Customer support

Our team offers you support and advice at every step related to renting.

Write your rental success story with Rendin

Our expertise in screening tenant candidates and crafting impeccable agreements has yielded a remarkable 99% success rate in rentals without issues. In the rare cases where challenges arose, we compensated property owners for the incurred losses.

complex cases solved

We have successfully solved over 700 difficult cases for our landlords.

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happy landlords

We’re proud of our 5-star rating and over 200 positive user reviews.

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