No Deposit Renting with More Safety

Rendin gives you a convenient renting experience with the safest lease agreement and a deposit-free renting option. No more high entry fees or worries about renting from strangers.

Your advantage against the competition

Great rental homes can have up to 17 candidates. Create a free tenant profile and be ahead of the competition. The profile gives an overview of the apartment you're looking for and shows that you're a much trustworthier candidate than others by going through our background check.

Spread the word

If your landlord or agent doesn't know about Rendin yet, you should invite them to use it too! They can use our benefits such as extra protection and our convenient digital toolkit. Just share our For Landlord or For Agents pages and get them aboard.

We help provide secure and affordable home renting

Regular agreement
Deposit free renting
Safe agreement Maybe
Free legal advice
Service fee 2.5% of monthly rent
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