Rendin's version of Tinder

Once again, our product team has put a lot of work into providing our customers with new helpful functions, making using Rendin even better and more comfortable. So what have been some of the most important recent changes that can be seen on Rendin’s website/app?
Published date 07.09.2022
This article might be outdated!
Rendin's version of Tinder

We have created a rental market version of Tinder

Although it is beneficial for landlords to receive many candidates, the entire communication and tenant selection process is one of the most time-consuming activities. Not anymore! From now on, landlords can see more information on our tenants in our online environment than before. Therefore, they will be able to get useful information based on the profile to select suitable candidates to show the rental home to.

Useful for tenants too

A tenant is no longer just a name and a phone number, but something more meaningful. Tenants can add their photo, an overview of their career and education, and indicate their co-tenants and pets on their profile. It is in fact the tenants with more comprehensive profiles who end up finding their new homes much faster!

A company profile now available online

We see more and more landlords wishing to rent out their property from under a company. If previously it was only possible to create a company profile in the Rendin mobile app (available in Google Play and App Store), then now it can also be done in the ‘Landlord – Your Profile’ web view. However, it is worth remembering that, as a company, you cannot sign up to be a tenant.

Little things matter

In addition to more large-scale developments, we always have lots of smaller things in the works that are certainly no less important in their content.

We removed the brokerage fee checkbox. From now on, the brokerage fee can be added via the ‘Add fixed fee’ button, where you can choose among different types of fixed one-time or monthly fees and add an amount as well.

Sharing a preview of the contract. Previously, the desktop view in the Rendin environment did not have a contract preview share button. Now it exists!