Landlord, we care about you!

The rental market situation today is concerning. Landlords (84%) and agents (93%) believe that rising living costs are likely to cause payment difficulties for tenants.

Every landlord needs protection against potential rental issues such as tenant's payment arrears and property damage. That's what Rendin is for – throughout the rental period.

Our surety is also crucial if the landlord is working with the agent. But unfortunately, the amount of agents offering the Rendin solution to landlords is too small. Even though agents know they cannot help their clients in the same way.

We give you financial surety

Rendin manages the risks associated with renting for the landlord. Our secure rental agreement provides a rent and utility payments guarantee and property protection. If you need the convenience service of an agent, opt for a professional who uses Rendin. This way your rental relationship is secured.


Most landlords (82%) are concerned about the rising cost of living. Also, an equal number of them think it is likely that tenants will have problems paying their rent and utility bills in the near future.

Norstat x Rendin Survey, Oct 2022

We help with rental issues

Rendin won't leave you alone with rental problems, whether unpaid rent and utility bills, property damage or any other dispute. Our legal team knows all about the law on the rental market: they know best how to help you. In the worst-case scenario, we will even go to court on behalf of the owner.

Rental market research

75% of landlords do not use real estate agents' services. One of the most significant shortcomings cited by landlords is that agents do not help them with problems that may arise with tenants during the rental period.

Norstat x Rendin Survey, Oct 2022

You've got the best agreement out there

A termless and legally competent agreement is the basis of an excellent rental relationship. Rendin knows how to handle this. Your and the tenant's interests are protected on fair and equal conditions.

Rental market research

Agents say that the most outstanding value they provide to their clients is drafting a legally valid rental agreement (73%). It requires a knowledge of the law, but in reality, every second agent does not understand the conditions and timeframe in which it is possible to terminate the rental agreement with a debtor tenant extraordinarily. Unfortunately, many landlords (71%) do not have this knowledge either.

Norstat x Rendin Survey, Oct 2022

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What's Rendin?

Rendin connects landlords and tenants, protects them during the rental period and saves time and money for both parties.

Rendin is the solution for renting (out) a home and signing secure rental agreements. The landlord has rent and utility payments guarantee with property protection, and the tenant can rent deposit-free. In case of any issues, Rendin legal experts are available to help.

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