Rendin OÜ terms and conditions

1. What is Rendin

Rendin OÜ, address Põhja pst 27, Tallinn

Email:, Tel: 372 600 50 10

Rendin OÜ offers service platform for long-term home rental contracts and supporting insurance solution.

2. Rendin OÜ Customer Terms.

Last updated date and version - 01.11.2019, v1.0

This is our Customer Terms, that is the basis for Rendin to offer long term home rental solution service. Customer Terms covers the usage of Rendin platform in web and mobile apps, as well as managing and resolving insurance related claims. All customers, by using our Services, agree to these Customer Terms.

For full usage of the Service the Customer needs to own a User Account and be logged in. Unregistered customers have an opportunity to get acquainted with the information and Service offering provided on our platform.

Using Rendin services may mean downloading an app to your account. Customer agrees for Rendin to automatically renew app’s content.

In addition to Customer Terms, by using Rendin services you agree to our Privacy Policy.

3. Who are Rendin’s Customers and how are they using us?

Users of Rendin platform must be 18 years or over - Tenants, Landlords and Real Estate Agents, who can submit and administer rental contracts and insurance solution. Landlords and Tenants can also submit insurance claims and questions, as well as get responses to questions arising during the contract term.

  1. Customer confirms that all information submitted to Rendin’s platform regarding user profile and contract objects is up to date and relevant at all times.

  2. No third party should access respective User Account besides Customer himself.

  3. There can be only one user account per customer.

  4. All Customers using Rendin product, are obliged to keep contract details and parties personal information confidential.

4. Explanations.

“Insurance provider”: ERGO Insurance SE, A.H.Tammsaare tee 47, Tallinn, 11316

“Landlord/Insurance Beneficiary”: Owner of the rental object and beneficiary in the insurance certificate, whose rental income and assets are protected“Platform”: web page and mobile apps of Rendin.

“Rental/Insured object”: rental object that is the subject of rental agreement and insurance certificate.

“Real estate agent”: intermediary in the rental agreement that connects Tenant and Landlord.

“Service provider/Policy holder”: Rendin OÜ

“Services”: Rental payment insurance, including provided connected documents forms, submission, signing and administering, as well as claims handling .

“Tenant/Named insured”: Contracting/paying party for the Insurance policy and tenant of the rental agreement.

“User Account”: Registered user account that is opened in accordance with current Customer Terms.

5. What is Rendin long term home rental agreement solution?

Rendin offers long term home rental related services, that include documentation, administration and insurance of the rental agreement.

We offer:

Deposit free and up to date rental agreement form. Insurance solution, which covers monthly rental payments and object property damage caused by the tenant. Legal advice for both tenant and landlord.

Solution agreement has 4 parties: tenant (named insured), landlord (beneficiary), Rendin (service provider/policy holder) and Ergo Insurance SE (Insurance provider).

Obligations of the parties are set in the rental agreement, product terms and current customer terms.

6. How to contact us?

Rendin’s contacts and contact forms can be found on our web page and apps. Our contact email is

7. How do we contact you?

Rendin contacts its registered users and subscribers via our platform or email provided upon registration.

8. Rendin service fees and making payments.

Rendin Service’s fee is 2.5% of rental payments yearly amount - it includes insurance fee of 1.75% and Rendin service fee of 0.75%. Paying for the services works with bank transfer.

We don’t accept cash.

Payment dates and instructions are set in in the rental agreement and insurance certificate.

In case of cancellation of the insurance certificate and prepayment of the Service fee

The insurance fee will be refunded on the basis of monthly calculation

Rendin service fee will not be refunded

8. Closing down the user account.

Rendin can close down a user account, any time without any pre-notification in case Customer terms have been violated.