Rendin Digibroker finds reliable tenants

Rendin Digibroker is a tool for landlords to find reliable tenant candidates quickly. Afterwards, you can sign a secure rental agreement with the selected tenant.
Published date 25.04.2023
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Rendin Digibroker finds reliable tenants

As the whole process is very conveniently structured, the user only has to follow the instructions. At the same time, the tool is totally free for the landlord.

If the tenant isn't found yet

In this case, the landlord's first step is to prepare a rental advertisement, which would include information about the offered living space, from the location and numerical parameters to other important details (availability of furnishings, parking space and storage facilities, pets allowed, etc.). The digital real estate agent will ask for the initial information, and then the landlord can add a short description.

When drafting the description, it's worth putting yourself in the tenant's shoes and thinking about what you would want to read if you were in that position. For example, what's particularly good or convenient about the rental property, the surrounding area and transport possibilities. One or two sentences are bound to be too short but don't go on too long.

The best candidates will come if the rental advertisement has good visibility, which will ensure a sufficient number of candidates. An ad placed through Rendin Digibroker will automatically go up on the Rendin platform. To increase the amount of candidates, landlords can also share your listing on Rendin's Facebook group.

The rental ad will accompany an invitation link where potential tenants can express their interest. Each candidate must pass a Rendin background check so that we can verify the person's clean financial record and payment ability. This check is essential for us, as Rendin takes the risk on behalf of the tenant, not the landlord.

If there are prospective tenants, the landlord must find the time to organise a showing of the rental property for them. Hopefully, there is already a definite person who will become a tenant after that.

If the tenant is already found

So most of the work is already done, and the final steps remain: signing the rental agreement, drawing up the Handover Act and giving over the rental property.

Creating a rental agreement is made very easy with Rendin, as all the essential aspects are already included. The landlord-tenant only needs to fill in the blanks and sign. It's worth knowing that we only offer termless contracts, as they are flexible and secure for both parties.

The act of handing over the property must be properly drawn up — this will make settling any subsequent claims for damages easier. It is worth taking pictures to illustrate the condition of the rental property before handover (including more detailed images of expensive items such as appliances). You should also record readings and the property's contents to ensure nothing is lost. The Rendin app has made this part very convenient for the user.

The paperwork should be in order before you hand over the property, so now is the right time to start the rental period!

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