Rendin digital real estate broker

Hi! I'm Martin. Rendin's digital real estate agent. I can help you rent out completely for free!

What do you win from using Rendin?

• Many candidates from Rendin system and real estate portals

• Free payment defaults check for every candidate

• A secure rental agreement with property damage and debts protection

To get started, I would need answers to some questions so I could help you better. Let’s start with the easiest one - do you already have a tenant?

I already have a tenant

I have found a suitable tenant and want to sign a rental agreement with them

I'm looking for a tenant

I don't have a tenant. I'm still looking for the one

Now for one of the most important questions. How much is the rent payment?

Rendin monthly fee: 5.00 € /month

Rendin fee is 2.5% of the monthly rent, which is paid by the tenant in most cases. However, you can also choose to pay it yourself and just add the sum to the monthly rent payment.