Rendin quits adding listings to Kinnisvara24 portal

As of the 1st of May, Rendin no longer adds rental listings to the Kinnisvara24 portal. It means the finding-a-tenant process has slightly changed. What and how exactly? Read from the following interview.
Published date 21.04.2023
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Rendin quits adding listings to Kinnisvara24 portal

If you create and publish a rental listing through Rendin, it will automatically appear in the rental homes section on Rendin's platform and the Facebook group "Apartments for rent (NO DEPOSIT!)".

We made this decision because 98% of the candidates come from our own platform and social media. We noticed the change already last year and have been monitoring this trend on a monthly basis.

People looking to rent a home have developed an apparent habit of where to look for suitable offers. Every month, we do around 3000 unique background checks. The absolute majority of people looking for a rental home in Estonia do so through Rendin.

  1. Rendin's listing and candidate-finding solution continues to be free of charge. We are the only platform that makes money when a rental agreement is signed. The opposite is for portals that serve listings: the longer the listing is up, the more they earn. If you compare their interests with ours and landlords, the goals are the opposite.

  2. All candidates for a rental property undergo a background check, and after that, the landlord can sign a secure rental agreement with the suitable candidate.

How do I start looking for a tenant?

  • Enter your listing, follow the guidelines and add any rental information you want to include.

  • The listing will automatically be sent to the Rendin system and from there to the No Deposit Facebook group.

  • If you wish, share the link to the listing with your network on social media or wherever it seems appropriate. 

  • And, of course, if you don't want to give up the service offered by other real estate portals, you still have the option to place your own listing on those portals, either as a regular user or with a broker account (depending on your role).

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Have some additional questions?

In this case, you can in touch with our customer support. There are several ways to do this:

  • Facebook messages

  • In the chat window that opens on the Rendin website.

  • Via the contact form on the web