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Rendin: landlords need protection throughout the agreement


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Rendin: landlords need protection throughout the agreement

Recently we launched an advertising campaign that has generated a lot of buzz. This campaign aims to draw the attention of landlords to the need to protect their rental relationship and to point out to these agents who do not care.

It started out anonymously, as planned, but our name came up unexpectedly early. So it has now been followed up by further advert, with an additional message referring to Rendin.

Since we have caught enough attention by now, it's time to talk about the real meaning of our project.

Serious risks in the rental market

Right now, the risk of arrears is particularly acute in rental relationships. "A Norstat survey initiated by Rendin shows that an absolute majority of landlords (82%) are concerned about the current rising cost of living. An equal number of them consider it likely that tenants will have problems paying their rent and utility bills in the near future, and 72% fear a surge in the number of absentee landlords," reveals Alain Aun, CEO and co-founder of Rendin, a solution for home renting and signing secure rental agreements.

"We can see from the results of the survey as well as from the daily feedback from landlords coming to our platform that rental property owners need protection that gives them financial security. For example, when the landlord has a tenant who leaves rent and utility bills unpaid or causes property damage," describes Aun.

In such a complex situation, it is also crucial to have a legally competent agreement: open-ended, taking equal account of the interests of landlord and tenant, without special conditions that are illegal, etc. In addition, legal expertise or support that knows how to act legally in case of problems. The same survey found that 71% of landlords are unaware of the conditions and speed with which they can get rid of the debtor tenant. Every second agent also lacks an understanding of this.

The attitude of agents is controversial

"Yes, agents recognise the problems in the rental market. According to the survey, 93% of them are concerned that the current economic situation will lead to payment difficulties among tenants. But, at the same time, agents know that if such a risk materialises, they cannot protect landlords themselves," says Alain Aun, whose company has had an unanswered question for a long time. So why do agents neglect their clients, even though they know there is a value-creating solution on the market? After all, they have nothing to lose.

"In the almost three years that Rendin has been in business, we have repeatedly called on real estate agencies and agents to work together to fix the rental market. We've proposed to work together to create a fair and secure environment for all market players, landlords, tenants and agents alike," shares Aun. "Of course, we are happy for the professionals who, with our help, offer the safest rental solution to their clients. Unfortunately, this part of the whole is too small, if not insignificant."

"The practices of the rental market and the mindset that goes with it, which have remained unchanged for decades, are obsolete. Therefore, the rental market needs a positive disruption. If we can now launch the debate with a more vocal approach, we will have taken a big step in the right direction," says Rendin's CEO.

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What's Rendin?

Rendin connects landlords and tenants, protects them during the rental period and saves time and money for both parties.

Rendin is the solution for renting (out) a home and signing secure rental agreements. The landlord has rent and utility payments guarantee with property protection, and the tenant can rent deposit-free.