Landlords want to give housing to Ukrainians

The rental market in Estonia and other European countries has revived due to refugees arriving from Ukraine. The experience of the home rental platform Rendin customer support shows that the war has significantly and in many ways changed the situation of the market.
Published date 09.03.2022
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Landlords want to give housing to Ukrainians

More and more landlords ask for advice on the legal and technical side of housing refugees. One in four landlords is willing to drop a usual rental agreement and give their apartment or house to a Ukrainian family, who has managed to flee from the horrors of the war, as temporary housing.

In this context, generally, the case is about renting out for free or for a symbolic fee. Although, this doesn't mean that the tenancy cannot be aligned with the written agreement. On the contrary, it gives a sense of security to both parties.

If the homeowner has already gotten a tenant, then Rendin offers a free downloadable rental agreement (with blanks). The agreement is available in three languages: Estonian, English and Russian. Ukrainians might not have the option to sign digitally, so the agreement can be printed out and signed physically. The Rendin team is willing to help if the owner or tenant needs legal advice on renting and renting relations. The service is free of charge for both parties.

Estonian Police and Border Guard Board has taken into account that people arriving here won't have time to sort out their documentation immediately. Therefore, the PBGB has granted all Ukrainian citizens a special permit and a legal basis for entry and temporary stay in Estonia (Order of the Director General of the PBGB, 24.02.2022). Ukrainian citizens whose visa or another basis for stay has expired or will expire soon can stay in the country. This is valid for an indefinite period until the revocation of this order.

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