Final handover in Rendin – protection against misunderstandings and hidden violations

People often think a rental agreement is the most crucial regarding rental relationships. Of course, the rental agreement is naturally essential, but a correct and thorough final handover is even more critical. The best thing you can do is sign two handover acts during the rental period – one at the start of the rental agreement and the second at its termination.
Published date 21.11.2022
Final handover in Rendin – protection against misunderstandings and hidden violations

It has been possible to sign the first handover in Rendin for a long time. Now, we have added the possibility of creating and formalising the second handover act after the termination of the rental agreement concluded in our environment. The main goal is to help ensure the safety of our customers.

Why should you sign the final handover in Rendin after terminating the rental agreement?

  1. The termination instrument allows you to quickly and conveniently aggregate vital information in one online environment.

  2. In case of problems, our Legal Department is automatically notified and will give you instructions on how to proceed.

  3. A correctly drawn-up handover act also helps you in the case of hidden violations.

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How to create the final handover?

At the moment, we only offer the option of formalising a final handover to our customers, i.e. people who have already signed a rental agreement on the Rendin platform. One prerequisite to getting started with the final handover is the termination of the agreement. It can be done by the parties' consensus or by the initiative of one of the parties.

After that, a view of the final handover will open, where you can add pictures and descriptions of all rooms and explain possible problems or disagreements. After the final formalisation, the act is sent to the tenant for approval by email. They can either agree or disagree with it. In the latter case, our Legal Department will also be informed. Then they will contact the parties to the agreement, find out their concerns, and help devise a solution to the problem.

What else is new?

In addition to creating the final handover functionality, we made adding rental ads easier. You do not need to be logged in to get started, and the environment automatically saves the changes between different steps. In addition, people interested in renting an apartment no longer need to be logged in to view our rental ads.

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