Don't make the mistake of signing a regular rental agreement!

Rendin gives you all the benefits of a classic rental agreement with additional protection, background checks and legal counselling.

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Rendin gives you the strongest protection..

.. that no other type of rental agreement or deposit guarantee can provide you. We have extensive experience in supporting landlords just like you and our main focus is on giving you additional protection when renting to strangers.

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Madis Tolmusk

Rendin is a very useful company on our rental market. Everything is well considered and easy to use. Makes the process simple and convenient. I also got access to necessary documents, in which only blanks needed to be filled or checkboxes ticked. Creates a nice feeling of safety for both parties. Thanks, Rendin team!

How to use Rendin?


Add your property to Rendin

This step is simple and fast. We only ask you for the most vital information e.g. address, nr of rooms etc.


Find a tenant and add them to the agreement

Use our invite link to check their background and add them to the agreement. You can find it in the agreement view.


Add terms of the lease

Fill out the blanks and add any extra conditions you find necessary.


Sign the agreement

The information to sign the contract will be sent to both parties via email.


Create a handover act

The act should include photos of the apartment, info about the meters and any other important information.


Did you know that the Law of Obligations Act sets the rights and obligations of both parties to the rental agreement? All general arrangements, rights, and obligations in the rental agreement must be aligned with it. In addition, the content of the agreement must be balanced and not prejudicial to either party.

Our service features a standard rental agreement that can be used by you and your tenant with no additional effort. Rendin also guarantees that you take minimal risk in the process by providing you with additional security.


The landlords mistakenly think they can include any clauses they want in the rental agreement and these will protect them. For example, oftentimes clauses are added that allow unilaterally terminating the contract with a one-month notice period. Even though this is a common practice, it is invalid in the eyes of the law.

We have done extensive research about the myths of the Estonian rental market. You can read more about it here.

Person looking at the Rendin rental agreement on the mobile screen