A Rental Agreement That Guarantees Security

With Rendin you get a 10 times bigger property protection compared to the rental deposit. In addition to that, we guarantee you both rent and utility payment debts in a total of 3 monthly rent payments.

Rendin benefits for the landlord

Not A Single Payment Goes Missing

If you have problems with the tenant and the payments are late, Rendin covers that for up to 3 monthly rents. It's simple as that!

10x Higher Property Protection Than A Deposit

In most cases, the security deposit only covers 1 months' rent. This doesn't protect you at all in case of a problematic tenant!

Price For the Landlord - 0 Euros!

Rendin fee is just 2.5% of the monthly rent, which is paid by the tenant.

We're There For You

Doesn't matter if you have questions when creating a rental agreement or you have issues with the tenant. We help you in every way!

Fully Digital Process

With Rendin you can create and sign your rental agreement fully digitally. Even on your phone!

Automatic Background Checks

Rendin's automated background checks are swift and convenient. We also filter out tenants that have had problems on our platform!

Madis Tolmusk

Rendin is a very useful company on our rental market. Everything is well considered and easy to use. Makes the process simple and convenient. I also got access to necessary documents, in which only blanks needed to be filled or checkboxes ticked. Creates a nice feeling of safety for both parties. Thanks, Rendin team!

Priceless protection

at a small price

Move the slider below to choose your monthly rent and find out
how much protection you will receive when you sign a rental agreement on Rendin.

Regular rental agreement
Rendin fee (monthly) 15.00 EUR no
Property damage compensation up to 6,000 EUR up to 600 EUR
Rent payment guarantee up to 1,800 EUR up to 600 EUR
Utility bills payment guarantee up to 1,800 EUR up to 600 EUR
Legal and customer support
Automated tenant background check no
Customer support assistance no
Fully Digital Process no
Free guides and document drafts no
Free legal advice no

Problems with tenants are always unexpected

The deposit is not enough

In 85% of the cases of problematic tenants, the final cost to the landlord is multiple times higher than the security deposit. The costs of redecorating, cleaning and buying new furniture are often accompanied by rent and utility debts.

With Rendin your property is covered for 10 monthly rent payments. In addition to the protection, you also get help and advice from our team of specialists.

Stories from Rendin users

The same happened to Triin who was using Rendin. Her final costs accumulated to 5000€!

The deposit would've covered just 700€ and the rest would've come from her own pocket. By using Rendin she didn't have absolutely any financial losses of her own!

Problematic tenants are hard to get rid of

If your tenant decides to not pay the rent anymore you can only get rid of them by going to court. This is expensive and time-consuming. The police won't help you and regular rental agreements are useless in situations like this. Finding help is impossible!

Rendin experts will help you out and assist you in getting rid of malicious tenants. We will not leave you alone in times of trouble!

Stories from Rendin users

Lianne was caught stuck with an indebted tenant, who was also difficult to communicate with due to the language barrier. Thanks to Rendin she had a mediator who helped with the communication and the solution. The case ended with no extra costs or damages to Lianne.

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How to use Rendin?


Add your property to Rendin

This step is simple and fast. We only ask you for the most vital information e.g. address, nr of rooms etc.


Find a tenant and add them to the agreement

Use our invite link to check their background and add them to the agreement. You can find it in the agreement view.


Add terms of the lease

Fill out the blanks and add any extra conditions you find necessary.


Create a handover act

The act should include photos of the apartment, info about the meters and any other important information.


Sign the agreement

The information to sign the contract will be sent to both parties via email.

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