Convenience upgrade in agreement management

For quite a long time, we have been working at Rendin to make it easier for users to manage their rental agreements directly in the browser. Now we reached the first major milestone, where several essential activities can be done directly on our website, rather than having to navigate to the Rendin app, which is optimised primarily for mobile devices.
Published date 20.12.2022
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Convenience upgrade in agreement management

What does the new management solution mean?

The whole experience on the computer is way more convenient. For example, rental advertisements made on the Rendini platform can be converted directly into an agreement, so there is no longer much need to move back and forth between two different environments (website and mobile app).

In addition, the new online agreement cards are very informative and provide a quick overview of the tenant, the landlord and the rental home (depending on the role). Hopefully, the users who already have several agreements in our environment will feel at ease when managing their contracts.

To top it all off: we also created a convenient way for the tenant to see precisely how far they are with the agreement and where they have been added as a tenant. Currently, the detailed view is less informative for the tenant, but we're continuously working on improvements.

Please note that this is a brand-new development. Hence, some activities still need to be done in the application. Most importantly, agreement termination and handover act completion. However, we are working on adding these options to the web environment soon.

Also, important to know! There might be some bugs when managing agreements on the web, so we would be very grateful if you could let us know when you spot something (directly to Customer Service).

What next?

Short break for us after a ton of work! We wish all our customers, fans, friends and competitors a happy holiday season! And in the new year, we'll be back with a bang. We're working on making Rendin an even more convenient, better and more accessible platform to rent out your rental apartment and to ensure security in your rental relationship.

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